Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Chance for South Africa

No doubt, the FIFA 2010 World Cup is a huge chance for South Africa. The country is in the focus for all football (also called soccer) friends globally. Millions of eyeballs on any news from the nation of Nelson Mandela. Huge attention during the games in the qualifying round and during the finals. Planning, designing, building the new temples of football, roads, energy and water supply as well as other infrastructure has hugely increased investments, employment, awareness, visibility. Obviously, this was also a good learning experience for everyone involved in the huge projects.

As I write this, at this very time, be sure millions of French are looking at the RSA : FRA game, and they are asking themselves: how is it possible, that they (RSA!!!!!!) are in the lead, as it is the case right now. This is the true Madiba Magic for Bafana Bafana! What a joy! What a day!

I hope that this great impulse will help many, many South Africans, the whole lovely nation. This may be in the form of more tourists visiting and admiring the spectacular scenery, the parks, the coasts, the vineyards and very friendly, soft speaking people. Or in the form of additional investments, more job opportunities, more exports, more trade in general. The country really has deserved this.

For now, I look forward to the next weeks, during which we will hear and see much more from South Africa, about football, but not only ....